Digital Marketing

Google will love you only if Everyone else loves your first

In digital marketing, there is no ‘One size, fits all.’ The digital presence of your brand or business should be able to turn the users into consumers, click through into sales and traffic into conversions for which you need a tailored approach to cover all the business aspects and to sync with other marketing elements.

At BluBrandz we combine science and art of marketing to give you measurable output. We specialize in SEO, social media marketing with a keen focus on business results. We commit a robust ROI when it comes to brand awareness, traffic of the website, improving conversions.

We indulge in creative and commercial strategies that bring you closer to your customers. Why choose us? Well, one of the many amazing reasons to rely on us for your marketing needs is transparency. We create a custom approach for marketing campaigns to suit our client’s requirements.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So you think you know SEO? Pretty simple, stuff in all the keywords and you are ready to watch your website roll-in.


Penguins and Pandas have turned the tables for amateurs, marketers, and spammers, who thought directory submissions, bookmarks, and link wheels, would generate organic traffic to a website.

If you don’t want your website to go unnoticed or banned by Google, then you need to take a hard look at what SEO is. We are here to create the best SEO strategies for your brand or business. The services that we offer include website auditing, one-time optimization of a website or working to improve web traffic. By adhering to best practices and strict rules, we make sure our SEO efforts are in sync with Google, ensuring an upward trend.

Search Engine Optimization

Google AdWords

We have a team of Google certified Adwords & Analytics professionals who have more than 10 years of experience to manage all budget type accounts.

Our utmost targets are when managing any Adwords account:

  • Lower Daily Spends (Intelligent Spending)
  • Ad copy-writing (ensuring high relevancy)
  • Managing bids & daily budget efficiently
  • Manage tracking & conversions and more advanced tracking


If you have an in-house team who wants to develop and improve their own skills, we also conduct in-house training.

Google AdWords

Mobile App Marketing

The smartphone market is growing at a phenomenal rate, giving mobile apps an environment to grow. With the mobile app development industry already established, developers are getting an opportunity to monetize their applications and the advertisers can showcase their products to potential customers using smartphones. BluBrandz has extensive experience in monetizing and marketing mobile apps. Our area of expertise is:

Mobile App Advertising – To our clients the exposure they deserve, we help in setting up campaigns across all popular ad networks, ad mediation, burst mode campaigns, incentivized and non-incentivized CPI, CPM or CPC based downloads for Android and iOS Apps

App Store Optimization (ASO) – We conduct an in-depth audit of your App to help you improve the rankings and understand keywords.

Mobile App Marketing

Online Reputation Management

Internet today is the first stop for finding anything about anyone. This may include a finding of a prospective employee or employer. People often check ratings and reviews to get an idea about a company, food chain, product or an individual.

You look for company reviews, products reviews before buying a product. Reviews and comments about a product, company or an individual matter today. When we are searching for some food options locally 97% of the times we rely on reviews.

Hence, ORM is extremely important today!

Online reputation management is an act of balancing your reputation over the Internet. We help brands, individuals with managing their online reputation over the Internet.

Online Reputation Management