Business Software

Tailor-fit solutions to meet your Business needs

All businesses, big or small, need to ride on some software to bolster business efficiency, reduce ramification and increase agility. By software we are not talking about MS Word or Excel. Business software is to ease the daily tasks, keep accounts organised, track project developments, make payroll, control costs, and run vital elements of business smoothly.

Moreover, having customised software will give you the competitive edge. We specialise in customizing all your business requirements into highly scalable software and ensure it fits in your budget. Before working on the software, we analyse your business in-depth to have a better understanding of your requirements and your market position.

ERP Solutions

It is time to bid adieu to operational inefficiencies, downtime and data duplication as we provide you with robust ERP solutions. ERP solutions can streamline your critical business processes and help you in rapid growth.

We are a preferred choice of next-gen business leaders, who want to adapt to technological changes and enjoy connected business. Our ERP solutions can help you bring down operational costs and help you manage finances, customers, partners, suppliers, vendors and other elements like revenue, staffing and billing just in clicks. We blend the features of mobile and cloud to up your operational efficiency.

ERP Solutions

Online Test Series

As India is going forward in the direction of digitalisation and with e-learning as a norm, we at BluBrandz are ready to takeover traditional pen-paper test with our customisable software e-tests.

While you have the content and subject expertise, we have the ability to provide scalable and robust portal for online tests. This will not just give out an enriching learning experience but also improve your evaluation process. You can also rely on us to schedule fixed time and dates for your online tests so that you can shift the focus on enrolling and evaluating. With virtual learning a norm now, it is highly significant to make your brand compatible with the online test. We can help you design customised tests that match your brand and logo.

Our result oriented online test management services are designed to cater the needs of various learning based industries such as corporates, institutes and universities.

Web API Development

Job Portals

The internet has not just changed the way we function but also changed and evolved the way we seek jobs. With everything available online, job portals are an easy platform for recruiters and employees to connect and hire.

At Blubrandz, we understand that every job portal is unique and required to be designed industry specific. Our team of experts will guide you through the promotional and technical elements of the portal and make tailored solutions to fit your niche.

Our team will provide you a responsive design that can be accessible on all devices and also make sure the portal is in line with the most secured IT norms.

We aim to ease your recruitment process while helping you take your business global.

Web API Development

Web API Development

API development is an application processing programme which is designed for web server as well as the browser. It is a blueprint for building HTTP services that can be used broadly including mobiles, tablets, and browsers. Whether you want a web-based software app or a web-tool, API plays a crucial role as it facilitates the communication between the software components and computer hardware, database.

Our API development and integration service cater to all industry verticals. We provide structured code design with authenticity to ensure high performance and functionality. Our team of developers is capable of creating well-designed APIs that are secure, easy to comprehend, powerful, scalable and bug-free. We take care of everything from concept to testing and integration.

Web API Development