Animated Video

Tell your Story the way you Imagined it

New trends are coming every day. Technology changes rapidly, it brings great benefits with the change. But, the change sometimes can be a little complex to work on and difficult to explain the message intended. Blubrandz excels at absorbing an idea and conveying the message with ease through animated videos, which are easy to understand and pleasure to watch.

Our production services will help you carve the content more accurately and take your social presence and marketing efforts to the next level. We create videos that drive on marketing strategy, focus on consumers and business goals to get your brand noticed.

Video marketing aims to power up the sales funnel of your business and boost the promotional campaigns. The reason why videos are impactful is because it engages the audience while weaving a gripping story and also promoting your business/product. Videos are believed to trigger emotions and have desired effect on the audience.

Video Editing

When we create a video, we end up having piles of footages in the folder. Turning them into a meaningful clip, adding music and voice is job of patience and dedication. And that’s what we got.

Our team delivers a lot more than post production support. We make sure the video content matches your expectations and meets the business requirements. By engaging with an off-shore team, you can reduce your in-house expenses and increase the quality of output. We offer high quality output and timely delivery at incomparably low prices. And, we don’t mind tweaking until you are satisfied.

2D/3D Videos

We know the knack to create high quality video which represents your product/service. We use the latest and sophisticated animation tools and techniques to deliver high quality videos. We combine tools like Adobe After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, Adobe Animate with modern techniques such as Cut Out Animation, Model Animation, GCI, Stop Motion, Drawn Animation, 3D animation.

We do not cram you into the ideas we are comfortable with, instead we work closely with our clients to decide the best style, tone and design for the video. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Explainer Videos

Visual story has the ability to explain even the most complex subjects easily. We excel in breaking down complicated subjects, adding life to boring ideas, extract the juice and make it shareable in a form of explainer video. We also work on customized voiceover and music to help you stand out with compelling video content. We work on storyboards that are convincing and help you with great conversion rate.

Blubrandz recognizes the need of affordable animation that is stunning visually, informative and cohesive. Reach us to turn your ideas into a compact video form that is capable of attracting audience, spreading information and converting into sales.

Whiteboard Videos

Adding a captivating whiteboard video can change your marketing game. Whiteboard animation video gives you a constructive approach and adds the dramatic effect to the campaign. The hand drawn animation includes storyboard, illustrations, and voiceovers to make the subject lively and interesting.

All the whiteboard animation videos created by us are discussed for new ideas and monitored carefully then taken for edits for appealing effect. The self-explanatory videos have the ability to explain the tiniest detail in simple layman terms. As these videos are based on characters, they can resonate with the ones who are actually looking for solutions.