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Where is digital marketing heading in 2019?

Each passing year brings in new technology, the existing ones get smarter and marketing tools become sharp. The digital marketing world which already has SEO, content marketing, social media, all lined up is witnessing a dramatic shift from traditional techniques to a touch of innovation. While the goal is the same to grab the attention of the audience, what changes is where the attention is going and how to target the audience more effectively.

There are a few trends which can no longer be ignored by the businesses because what might have worked last year may not work this year. Without much ado, let's walk through the marketing trends to look out for in 2019:

  • Artificial Intelligence: There was a time when Artificial Intelligence, the audio-visual search was just seen in movies, but with the advancement of technologies, that time is long gone. Today, even the simpler jobs in the world are taken over by AI.
  • Think of AI a bunch of computers, which analyses consumer behavior pattern and search pattern quickly. AI can be used for databases, insights on consumer patterns, scan social media pages, provide you real-time intel on the competitors. This will help you draw a plan of action and target the right audience more efficiently. Combining AI with marketing will accelerate a company's growth, save a few bucks and also give an edge over the competitor.
  • Chatbots: No consumer these days has the patience to hold a customer care call support for minutes to get his issues resolved which is why Chatbots are becoming a crucial part of the savvy businesses. The AI-driven Chatbots use Instant Messaging to interact with consumers or website visitors at any hour of the day, 24/7.
  • By 2022, it is expected that chatbots will help businesses save about USD 8 billion. Customer service tasks become easy with chatbots allowing the businesses to steer towards other goals.
  • Video Marketing: While video marketing is still a popular tool for marketing, live video is something which is gaining popularity at a faster pace. Video marketing, today, is not just bound to YouTube, but also on SnapChat, Instagram and Facebook for greater engagement. Live videos result in better conversion rates, brand awareness and reach the larger audience at the same time. Putting on a consumer's shoes, these days, people prefer behind the scenes, Q/A's, how to's, demo, working culture and making of the product.
  • With the decreased cost of filming equipment and increased quality of smartphone cams, live videos have become an easier process with the added personal touch to interact with consumers. What can make you stand out from the crowd is build your brand, tell an awesome story and give ONLY authentic content.
  • Personalization: If you really want to retain your consumers and keep them loyal towards your brand, then personalization is the key. Personalized emails, content, product/ services, will strengthen the customer relationship. For email marketing, it can be as simple as replacing ‘Dear customer' to ‘Dear Mr. Sinha' (or the full name of the customer), making the customer feel that they are valuable.
  • For products or services, customized content or searches are beneficial as they save consumer's time. With the easy availability of consumer behavior pattern, purchase history and links clicked, curating custom content has never been this easier.
  • Netflix and Amazon are already running ahead when it comes to personalization. They personalize their banner content and suggest videos according to consumer's preference to maximize their enjoyment and minimize their search time.
  • Influencer Marketing: Based on the classic ‘word-of-mouth' marketing, Influencer Marketing is a collaboration between the influencers and the brands where you pay to get the word out. Ditching the celebrity endorsements, local influencers are a game in this to reach a bigger audience genuinely. Influencers can be anyone, a blogger, a techie, a social media favourite personality, a YouTube star and anyone with a good number of followers.
  • While doing all this together, pooling in the right resources and connecting with right people might seem a little too much on your plate, can help you with whole your marketing journey. From creating personalized content ideas, video marketing techniques to influencer marketing, has the right team to help you build your brand. We love to brainstorm on new ideas, so if are psyched with one then feel free to reach us.

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