Solving the dilemma, in-house or outsourcing app development?

Solving the dilemma, in-house or outsourcing app development?

How outsourcing for app development will give you an extra edge

Today, mobile phones are no longer simple plain communication devices. They have undergone tremendous changes, unending upgrades to perform like computers, which we call a smartphone. But what makes them smart? It is the applications which are useful for everyday activities.

Mobile applications are known for making life and work easier. A plethora of businesses these days are trying their hands on building an app, courtesy goes to digitization. An App comes along with irresistible advantages such as better user experience, direct interaction, high scalability, increased brand audience and customized features to cater to different audiences. About 95% of the Fortune 500 firms are investing their time and money in mobility solutions.

When the thought to build an app strikes your mind, remember, that you are not just building an app but the face of your business. It requires extensive effort and time. The immediate question that arises with the idea of an awesome app is that whether to hire an agency or build it in-house. Hence, choosing the right approach will save your time and grow your business.

On the contrary to the belief that in-house app development costs less and is fully controllable, it costs the same or more than outsourcing and is time-consuming. Adding to the woes, staffing, licensing and finding the right tools for an app create more complexities.

Though signing on the dotted line with a company, trusting them with the whole idea of your app may up your blood pressure but it is less expensive than having your own IT department. The benefits of hiring an agency for app development are quite underrated. As a mobile App is the core of any business, it is wise to hire an agency for the one-time build to have a quality app which truly delivers value. All you need to do is hire the right people for the job to run in the competitive landscape. Let’s look straight on the advantages of outsourcing:

Why outsource?

Why not in-house?

It is cheaper for a one-time build as you pay only for your application development Building a whole team of IT developers, software etc is too expensive and time consuming.
The team is filled with highly skilled people Most of the startups end up in recruiting limited team members with limited skills
Professionals learn constantly to stay updated with the latest tools and tech to deliver a creative, innovative and interactive project. Training requires a lot of time and money. Moreover, staying updated with new techs is also exorbitant. But without new technologies, the project may stifle.
The cost of the project is fixed. Hence, you can set your budget and move on to focus on other aspects. Cost may go up as you never know what all you might need. Licenses, software, infrastructure, electricity all add to the bills.
As the professional agencies are in the competitive landscape, they always ensure to deliver the project on time. The constant negotiations with internal policies and modifications, training will cause further delay of the project.
Short term commitment is actually beneficial as you might require one type of skill set for this time and different skillset the next time. If you have an in-house team which is fully committed then you ought to have the right mix of talent which is quite time consuming. Experts of Java might not be able to resolve the technical issues of iOS App APK issues.

Still in a dilemma with the idea of hiring professionals to handle your app from idea to launch?

Let’s run-down a little on the details of why you should go the professional way:

  • Money saved is money earned: If you choose an agency to build your app then you don’t need to obtain certificates or software, hardware expenses or IT set-up. Hiring an agency is any day cheaper than having an own IT team. The agency will be fully responsible to manage the challenges and give out ideal solutions. You need to just pay for the App development.
  • Skill set: Different platforms, including Android and iOS, require different skill-sets and highly intricate expertise about coding languages, like Swift or Objective C for iOS and Java for Android. Proficiency just in one of either one will not deliver good results. This is all the more reason on why you should choose professionals.
  • Time utilization: You can make better use of the time and energy which is saved by giving the responsibility of the app to professionals. The other aspects of the business can be looked into for a fool-proof business plan.
  • Market trends: A market is a place which changes constantly. Adapting new trends, understanding them and applying them can be done only by professionals as they are highly experienced and knowledgeable. Hence, the risk involved is less when compared to the in-house app.
  • Creativity: There are about millions of app in the App store or Play store, all trying their best to grab attention and make it to the top downloads. But what makes you stand out from the crowd is what decides your position in the market. Even if your product is unique, a visually appealing and interactive app creates a lot of difference. The professional team is highly experienced and creative enough to think of the box to deliver your imagination to reality.
  • Accountability: A robust contract, terms, and clauses with the scope of work are transparent when it comes to agency. At any point in time, if there are any issues then you have a dedicated responsible representative to solve your issues as quick as possible.

Are you still convincing yourself about an App idea that is stuck in your brain? Are you in the heebie-jeebies over how to execute your idea?

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