How to up your marketing game for the holiday season?

How to up your marketing game for the holiday season?

We are already in the holiday season, the most exciting time of the year, but also the busiest and competitive time for businesses. This is the perfect time to swing with the seasonal twist, grab the attention of potential customers and push the sales/growth of your business. Even if you are a newbie thinking of ideas on how to market your product for this holiday season or a big shark having the 50th promotional opportunity, coming up with new unique ideas each year is a nerve-racking job.

You might not have thought that even minor tweaks and simple ideas with the holiday spirit can change the way consumers reach you or associate with you. Here are a few strategies that will up your game and set your growth already in motion for 2019.

Website optimization: Who can afford to lose business during the peak season due to the loading symbol on the webpage? The holiday season is not the time when people are shopping or viewing leisurely. It is a total frenzy time and making the consumers wait even a little can snatch away the opportunity for better growth. Hence, no matter what industry you are into, providing a seamless bug-free and fast user experience will impact your business. Moreover, make sure your site is mobile friendly as many of the searches, shopping, reading these days begin with smartphones. So, it is time to fix the lags, fill in the missing information and make sure you have right address and location to reach you.

Re-Targeting: We all know this drill. You just checked out a beauty product online and suddenly you see ads of beauty products on all the websites you visit. How does it work? How does it keep that particular product on top of your mind? Say you checked winter wear. While retargeting, a cookie ends up in your computer and later shows ads of the winter wears you checked for two weeks, even if you are reading the news.

Seasonal video: if you are in a product-based industry, then what is important? affordability? availability? None. First comes the emotional connect. People are more likely to purchase your product if they feel a connection with your product or brand. People love to watch videos, so create a fun video or a greeting message video and send it in your seasonal newsletter.

Put your best foot forward in the digital world: If your aim is to sell with the holiday spirit then add the holiday effect to your website, application for an appealing visual. New graphics, images that celebrate the festive mood as well as your brand are ideally the best.

The best example of seasonal promotions is coca-cola. Their marketing team nails it during the holiday season by evoking warmth, joy, and nostalgia.

Hashtags: Apart from the trending hashtags like #MerryChristmas, #NYE2019 #HappyNewYear create some unique and different hashtags that celebrate both, holidays and your product.

Peer endorsements: A celebrity is promoting a specific brand's mobile phone but your friend is recommending something else, in that case, what will you choose, the flawlessly appealing ad of the celebrity or the review or suggestion by your peer? Of course, your friend as trust is compelling. We know that the celebrity, who might not even care about the product, is getting paid just to promote it. However, you know that your friend cares and gives out genuine reviews. Hence, peer endorsement is an effective tool. Facebook's Bluetooth Beacon helps you gain the best of the peer endorsements. All you need to do is order a Facebook beacon, put it in the central location at your office and activate it. What happens next is when anyone on your premises opens Facebook, they receive information about your business. The cherry on the top is that you can create a customized welcome note, prompt them to check-in on Facebook so that their Facebook friends get familiar with your business.

Email campaign: No matter what business you are into, emails are like staples for any marketing activity. It is a valuable tool that helps you generate sales and increase engagement on your website. People tend to be more accepting of email marketing during the holiday season, so don’t shy away and grab the opportunity. Yearly updates, free shipping, gift guides, discounts, coupons are good holiday deals.

Try a company recap: Don’t try to push the growth or sales all the time. Rather, take an alternative step by enlightening your consumers, leads, clients about the success made by your company and the challenges it steered through. Try to keep your annual recap fun and light-hearted to establish a connection between your brand and the audience.

So, don’t be too late, brainstorm now on exceptional ideas to flaunt your brand this holiday season. If you are in the middle of nowhere then let BluBrandz, a digital marketing and branding agency, ensure your new year kicks-off with success.

The experts at BluBrandz are highly creative and are tech-junkies. The expertise from them will surely amp up your sales and style for the holiday season.

About 80% of the problems can be solved by marketing. The remaining just needs good procrastination techniques. For all Content Marketing requirements you can contact us me.

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