How to market your Android or iOS App

How to market your Android or iOS App

Today, An App store or a Play store is a competitive battleground flooded with over 2 million apps, all screaming for attention. In such an environment, how will you make your app stand out? What does it take to get people to hit download? How do you become the talk of the town?

When you create an app, you open a channel for direct interaction with the customers. The apps are completely customizable to serve different audiences. You develop the app in a strategic manner to give out the best user experience. The layout, the font, design, widgets, and endless brainstorming, hard-work and most importantly money, all of that you put in for an app, which in turn will boost your business. And yet you do not receive the expected attention. However, the problem is not with the app. It is the other neglected element which is responsible for the success of an app marketing.

The tips to market your app are quite rudimentary. However, they are neglected in a rush to create and launch the app. How can you be awesome in an already saturated market?

There are simple ways which may increase your chances to win the fame and glory:

  • Engage with people:
  • The marketing of an app starts even before you build it. Before your team creates an app, make sure you talk to the potential audience to know if the app serves the purpose. The very idea can be shared with peers, clients for a better feedback. Remember, the customers are the backbone of your business. If you hit the right notes, then it can take your business up. As Bain & Co. says, “a 5% increase in customer retention can push the profitability by 75%.” Include the customers in the creation of the app by keeping them updated with the developments. By this, you will not only promote the app but also ensure that it fits the targeted audience. You can always knock the doors of professional app designing team, such as BluBrandz
  • Know your audience:
  • The first step towards marketing is to reach the audience. Don't try to reach for everyone, choose a particular group of audience, keeping your product and the purpose in mind. Details such as demographics, habits, lifestyle, and others will help you reach the target audience better.
  • Research on the competitive part:
  • Unless you have a revolutionary idea, you might need to do a research on your competitors to know where your app stands. It will help you distinguish from the competition and stand out. Improvising on the competitor's app with a unique cool feature will make you stand taller in the crowd.
  • Make a worthy landing page:
  • A landing page is like having a business card. A good landing page has all the elements in place to acquire, engage and inform the users. The name and the features of the app, call to action, promo or explainer video makes a great landing page and so the App Store page.
  • Apply for awards:
  • Participating in the app awards will be the crowning stroke of your app. It gives a lot of exposure, attracts downloads and genuine reviews. Although the chances to win narrow down to your pitch and idea behind the app, if you get it right, your app can enjoy stardom.
  • Consider alternative app stores too:
  • Don't completely rely on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Try uploading your app on various other app stores too. Amazon app store, Opera Mobile store, SlideMe are to name a few alternatives to increase your downloads.
  • SEO & ASO matters:
  • All you need to do is figure out the ‘best-targeted' keywords that you can rank for. Also, evaluate the keywords on which you are ranking currently. A few quality links will boost your rankings on App store by using the right mix of keywords during App store optimization.
  • Reach-out to influencers:
  • Mutually beneficial, honest and authentic connections with influencers will take you a long way in the promotion of your app. Influencers are behind influencing engagement and buying decisions of a set of consumers. While some businesses may offer monetary compensation for an influential promotion, we recommend that you totally go by the USP of the product and the app and find influencers that totally value it. Viewers, followers can easily make out if the promotion is a paid-act. It would be the last thing you want that the audience thinks you are faking it. Be genuine with the influencer and your targeted audience.
  • Send your pitch to App reviewers:
  • Getting featured on an app review website will require you to send in a strong pitch. You might need to convince the website that your app is decent enough to get reviewed and featured.
  • Respond to the reviews:
  • These days, many companies leave an automated response to their consumers. That drops the rankings and turns away the consumers, making them feel that their reviews and concerns are not being heard. You need to respond to the consumer reviews with sincerity. No matter how long the review is, you need to take time out, read and address the issues. Let the users know that you are trying to resolve the issues for a better experience. If they are not satisfied, apologize for the inconvenience, after all, they are the ones helping in your success story.
  • Measure the success of your app:
  • Regular analysis of your app KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), LTV (Life Time Value) & Cost/Conversion will help you have a good, deep insight into your app's performance.

Although there is no exact blueprint of an awesome app, the above-given strategies will boost your app performance.

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